Mixtape: December 2019

My mixtape for the second half of 2019: songs I became enamoured or re-enamoured of, and want to be able to find my way back to. 01. Lambchop: In Care of 8675309. 02. Fontaines DC: Boys in the Better Land (Darklands version). 03. Black English: So Scared. 04. The National: The Perfect Song. 05. The National: Oblivions (live). 06. Matt Berninger & Phoebe Bridgers: Walking on a String. 07. Phoebe Bridgers: Motion Sickness. 08. Better Oblivion Community Center: Dylan Thomas. 09. Lord Huron: The Night We Met. 10. Lord Huron: Wait by the River. 11. Iron & Wine/Calexico: Follow the Water. 12. Gregory Alan Isakov: Time Will Tell (live). 13. The Trims: Emergency. 14. Boy & Bear: Work of Art. 15. Boy & Bear: Suck On Light. 16. Bon Iver: Hey, Ma. 17. Bon Iver: Faith. 18. Birdy: Skinny Love (Bon Iver cover). 19. Birdy: Terrible Love (The National cover). 20. David Gray: If 8 Were 9. 21. John Floreani: Oh Brother. 22. Beck: Colors. 23. Beck: I’m So Free. 24. REM: I Don’t Sleep, I Dream (remix). 25. Daniel Carter, Tobias Wilner, Djibril Toure & Federico Ughi: Canal Street.

Mixtape: June 2019

When Rilke penned the lines: ‘Music. The breathing of statues. Perhaps: / The quiet of images. You, language where / languages end’ (from ‘To Music’) he was certainly thinking more of Mozart or Monteverdi than of Mumford & Sons. Notwithstanding, this is my ‘mixtape’ for the first half of 2019 – things old, new, borrowed, etcetera – arranged roughly in the order in which I became enamoured or re-enamoured of them. 01. Nils Frahm: Toilet Brushes (live). 02. Ben Howard: Small Things. 03. Ben Howard: End of the Affair (live). 04. Big Red Machine: Lyla. 05. Kaleo: Save Yourself. 06. Chet Faker: Talk is Cheap. 07. Gregory Alan Isakov: San Luis. 08. Gregory Alan Isakov: The Trapeze Swinger (Iron & Wine cover). 09. Thom Yorke: Bloom (live). 10. Thom Yorke: Unmade (live). 11. Boy & Bear: Walking on a Dream (Empire of the Sun cover) (live). 12. The Reindeer Section: Cartwheels. 13. Elbow: Mirrorball. 14. WATT!: Santa Monica. 15. WATT!: Deutscher Herbst. 16. Tales: So Blue. 17. Bon Iver: Calgary (live). 18. Mogli: Holocene (Bon Iver cover) (live). 19. Radiohead: The Numbers (live). 20. The National: Light Years. 21. Iron & Wine/Calexico: Midnight Sun. 22. Lambchop: Everything for You. 23. The Cinematic Orchestra: Lessons. 24. Black English: Leave the Door Wide Open. 25. Fontaines DC: Hurricane Laughter.