Mixtape: January-March 2021

My mixtape for January-March 2021: 01. Arab Strap: Bluebird. 02. Beta Radio: Afraid of Love. 03. Blake Mills: Wintersong. 04. Boerd & Stella Explorer: Before We Drown. 05. Bonny Light Horseman: Bonny Light Horseman. 06. Close Talker: The Change It Brings. 07. Conner Youngblood: Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge. 08. Glass Animals: Heat Waves. 09. Gregory Alan Isakov: Big Black Car. 10. Ida Mae: My Girl is a Heartbreak. 11. Julien Baker: Favor. 12. Kate Miller-Heidke: Walking on a Dream (Empire of the Sun cover). 13. Maddie Medley: Buzz. 14. Mandolin Orange: My Brother, My Keeper. 15. Oh Wonder: Lonely Star. 16. Ok Moon: Crater on the Moon. 17. Paul Buchanan: Mid Air. 18. Penny & Sparrow: Eloise. 19. Primitive Radio Gods: Standing Outside a Broken Phone Booth with Money in My Hand. 20. Richard Walters: DNA (Finally Here). 21. Ryan Adams: Sylvia Plath. 22. Sea Wolf: Frank O’Hara. 23. The Staves: Chicago (Sufjan Stevens cover). 24. WATT!: Americana. 25. Wintersleep: Forest Fire.

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