Mixtape: October-December 2020

My mixtape for October-December 2020: 01. Ainslie Wills & Old Sea Brigade: Detour. 02. Andrea von Kampen: Portland. 03. Arab Strap: Compersion, Pt 1. 04. Bear’s Den: Magdalene. 05. Donovan Woods: Seeing Other People. 06. Donovan Woods: We Used To. 07. Donovan Woods: Grew Apart. 08. Fontaines DC: You Said. 09. Francesca Blanchard: Make It Better. 10. Hush Kids: Goodbye Rain. 11. Hush Kids: Color of Sadness. 12. Jake Xerxes Fussell: The River St Johns. 13. Ken Yates: When We Came Home. 14. Khruangbin: People Everywhere (Still Alive). 15. Magnolian: Caroline. 16. Magnolian: Someone New. 17. Molly Parden: Weather. 18. Old Sea Brigade: How It Works. 19. Richard Walters: The Light. 20. Sufjan Stevens: Video Game. 21. Sufjan Stevens: Tell Me You Love Me. 22. Sufjan Stevens: Ursa Major. 23. Sufjan Stevens: Fourth of July. 24. Tom West: Rain On Havana. 25. Wilderado: Surefire.

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