Mixtape: April-June 2020

My mixtape for April-June 2020: 01. Clem Snide: Roger Ebert. 02. David Keenan: Altar Wine. 03. Davis John Patton: Stay. 04. Henry Jamison: American Babes. 05. Henry Jamison: Boys. 06. Henry Jamison: Orchardist. 07. Henry Jamison: Still Life. 08. Henry Jamison: True North. 09. IDLES: Never Fight a Man with a Perm. 10. Jealous of the Birds: Parma Violets. 11. Kasey Musgrave: Slow Burn. 12. Keaton Henson: You. 13. Les Cowboys Fringants: L’Amérique Pleure. 14. Louis-Jean Cormier: Criore En Rien. 15. Luke Sital-Singh: Raise Well. 16. Meg Myers: After You. 17. Meg Myers: Running Up That Hill (Kate Bush cover). 18. Nathaniel Rateliff: And It’s Still Alright. 19. Nathaniel Rateliff: Three Fingers In. 20. Ok Moon: Loved You Right. 21. Saintseneca: Happy Alone. 22. Something for Kate: Situation Room. 23. Sufjan Steven: Should Have Known Better. 24. The Western Den: Hideout. 25. Woodlock: Forever Ago.

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