A Poet’s Guide to Adelaide Writers’ Week

Poet, novelist and raconteur Peter Goldsworthy is curating a feature on South Australian poetry for this year’s Adelaide Writers’ Week. A poetry reading will take place on Monday, 29 February, at 5:00 p.m., and will be complemented by a feature on South Australian poetry in a forthcoming edition of Australian Book Review. I’m among the poets who will appear at the reading, along with Aidan Coleman, Jelena Dinic, Jill Jones and Kate Llewellyn.

This is (I hope) a small encouragement to come along to Writers’ Week to enjoy the best of cosmopolitan and literary Adelaide – the city that Salman Rushdie described as the perfect setting for a horror story, and Nobel laureate (and now resident) JM Coetzee described as “paradise on earth”.

There are over 80 writers featuring at Writers’ Week, including (those who piqued my immediate interest) Gail Jones, Gerald Murnane, Lauren Groff, Charlotte Wood, Gregory Day and Peggy Frew.

For those with a particular interest in poetry, there’s also acclaimed New Zealand poet Bill Manhire, Australian poet Chris Wallace Crabbe, New Zealand poet and novelist Anna Smaill, and Jonathan Bate, the author of a recent biography on Ted Hughes – who has his own often-recounted connection to Adelaide Writers’ Week.

I intend to get to as many sessions as I can – and to make a few notations here and on Twitter (@thomsullivansa).


  • Kannemeyer, MD, 2012, “An Intimate Matter for JM Coetzee”, The Australian, 17 November 2012.

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